But I felt: you are an I
you are an
you are one of
Why should you be one, too?-Elizabeth Bishop

Like Bishop I too am an I, I am a Nicola. What kind of a Nicola though?

Well I am a Nicola who has more imaginary friends than real ones, one who wants to drink in little coffee shops but orders a green tea, who wants to draw pictures but knows that they are not very good, someone who may want to make jewellery, a Nicola who wants to drive around in a van and pick flowers to make daisy chains, who wants to tie dye her clothes just because she can, who wants to wear shoes with no socks. A Nicola with a lot of thoughts, a lot of likes, a lot of dreams, who likes to act, who likes to write, who overthinks. At first a shy and incredibly awkward Nicola but then a Nicola you’d wish to be shy and awkward. She’s open minded, she’s laid back and I’m pretty sound really.

“Why should you be one, too?” You shouldn’t be, trust me I have tried.

What will you find here? Who knows. Hopefully a tomorrow.

Yours, Nicola

Okay, so I’m going to add on to the poetic me above 😛

Where do I start? My name is Nicola, I’m originally from West Limerick but currently living in Cork City. Basically, I have decided to put a lot of my likes all in one place. I love fashion, writing, acting, travelling and keeping fit so hopefully I’ll have a bit of everything up here soon.

I’ll have a section for each interest where I’ll post the links so it’s easier to get around the page. I love TV series and film so I want to include reviews and opinion pieces in one section.

I love fashion and putting outfits together. My style really depends on my mood, one day could be athleisure fashion (for comfort with a touch of style) while the next could be a dress and heels. I’ll at times look to the catwalk for inspo and then try to achieve the look in a more affordable way.

Well that’s a bit about me and what I’ll hopefully get around to posting 🙂

Yours, Nicola.