Have something that could use a revamp at home? Why not upcycle? My sister transformed this old stool recently and, as you can see, it was totally worth it. 
What we used: 43386660_475298469621250_8102806281825288192_n.jpg
Staple gun              Pencil/Pen
Staple remover              Chain
Sander                           Screws
Planer                         Old stool
Level                    Screw driver
Paint                       Paint brush
Glue                              Wadding
Step 1)  Detached the top from the stool. 43392404_2010162422373728_8063646324798521344_n.jpg
Step 2) Used a sander and planer on the legs as they became uneven over the years.
Step 3) Painted the stool three times with paint we had.
Step 4) Took the old material off the top using a staple remover.
43500774_301606203765451_8638033922157969408_n.jpgStep 5) Peeled off the old foam carefully as it was glued down.
Step 6) Wanted to reuse the foam so we turned it over because it had been buttoned down so it had grooves in it.
Step 7) Glued it down again.
Step 8) Wrapped it with some wadding that I had around the house just for extra softness and smoothness. I stapled the wadding to the sides.
Step 9) Measured the new fabric to fit and pulled it firmly around the sides and folded neatly before stapling with staple gun.
Step 10) Trimmed the excess fabric and reused the original lining to finish the underneath of the lid. 43422583_576040379482013_1946565004878675968_n
Step 11) Added a finishing piece of fabric to one side that came with the new fabric.
Step 12) When the fabric was attached I marked out the holes for the screws to reattach to the base of the stool.
Step 13) Attached the lid and put a screw in the lid with a chain that I had at home and screwed it into the inside of the stool to restrict opening.
So there you are, some inspiration for spending a rainy day inside.
Yours, Nicola.

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