My sister created this box as a gift for a friend’s child. You can never have enough storage, especially when it comes to toys. The best thing about making this is that you probably have a lot of the materials needed to make it already, plus the end result is a really thoughtful gift.

fin2What we used:fin1.png

An old storage box

Paint lying around the garage

Letters from Art&Hobby

Material for top (We got the material in Guineys)

Foam as filler available from any upholstery shop

One standard size paint brush- for painting the box32545774_10214478390987285_6953324418957312_n

An artist paint brush- for the detail and the letters

Staple gun and staples (Can get in B&Q)

Level (Can get in B&Q)

Wood Glue (Can get in Dealz)

Pencil- to mark where the letters were going

fin3.pngStep 1) Give the box 3 coats of paint.

Step 2) Paint the letters and then glue them on.

Step 3) Use a level to make sure the letters are in line and measure the spacing between the letters to make sure the spacing at the bottom is even. 

Step 4) Paint the pink border.

Step 5) We chose material based on the colours used on the box. (Light blue with the pink and green through it)

Step 6) Staple the foam to the lid as it’s the quickest option, alternatively it could be glued. 

Step 7) Staple the fabric on top. You could add a button feature if you wish.

Step 8) Give to an adorable little child 🙂

A great gift idea, hopefully this provides you with some inspiration.

Yours, Nicola.



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