32621508_10214468753386351_683675793280204800_nAs I sit and watch the rain flow down my skylight (in the middle of May!), I am longing for holiday time. And so happier times fill my head. My Christmas break to the lovely Copenhagen, Denmark, where I admit I was freezing (dresses and tights didn’t really cut it there), but at least it didn’t rain…that much. Copenhagen is a great place for a short stay as I found three to four days are plenty to see everything. We walked everywhere and still we’d time to kill on our last day. 32562815_10214468748546230_1654605330098683904_n

So, what to wear in Copenhagen in December? I brought a couple of long-sleeved dresses with thick tights, trousers and polo neck, woolly jumper, faux furry scarf, gloves, hat and earmuffs (essential) and a coat (unfortunately while my coat looked nice, it wasn’t warm). My outfit choices weren’t that practical since we spent each day outside walking everywhere and so I layered up my clothes and added my boyfriend’s jacket too (he had the sense to bring warm clothes). One thing I did right however was I left the heels at home and brought flat boots. The weather was mostly dry or at least it seemed to rain while we were inside. It was around 3 degrees Celsius during our time there, and so I was often freezing just because we spent so much time outside.

In Short: Don’t be like Nicola, bring warm clothes!

32768027_10214468748706234_838603247991128064_nWhere to stay? We stayed at Annex Copenhagen in a double room and shared bathroom. It was ideal as it took two to three minutes to walk there from the train station. I was expecting a typical hostel where we may have to queue for the shower etc. But this place was fantastic. Our room was spacious, bright (check their website you’ll see what I mean), modern, clean, had a sink and even a massive beanbag. The bathrooms were just across the hall and were plentiful so I never had to wait. The facilities were amazing considering what a bargain this place is. There was a kitchen and living area that we could use downstairs, we didn’t really bump into people here which would have been good if we did want to cook there. We did use the coffee/hot chocolate machine though, and the games room which had a pool table that could be turned into various games (I need this!). Annex and Absalon Hotel have the same entrance, basically Annex is the cheaper version and if you want a more fancy experience you can avail of the rooms at Absalon, which do look great on their website.

In short: I’d stay here again, if you want an affordable option with a great location I’d recommend it. Here’s a link to their website (room page to see how bright they really are)  Annex Copenhagen

Where to eat? We didn’t really have a great experience with the food there, but we did32649119_10214468751586306_6552447736510152704_n find one restaurant we liked, Boston Grill (a 2 minute walk from where we stayed). Copenhagen Street Food (near Nyhavn) is also worth checking out as there were so many tasty options to choose from there. Oh, how could I forget, Steve was a big fan of the currywurst from the Christmas markets, worth checking out if you need a snack on the go.

Where to visit? Here’s a list of some of the places we visited: Tivoli Gardens (so beautiful at Christmas, a must see IMO), Nyhavn (yes, this is the picture of the different coloured buildings you see when you google Copenhagen, a must IMO, the Christmas markets were fab to walk around), The Little Mermaid Statue, Amalienborg, Rosenberg Castle Gardens, Stroget (shopping street), Rundetaarn (well we walked by it and photographed it), Hans Christian Andersen Fairy-Tale House (probably more suited to children really, but still very cute), Freetown Christiania (a must see IMO), City Hall Square, Church of our Saviour (again we walked by, beautiful building), Copenhagen Street Food plus every Christmas market we came across.

32597040_10214468765226647_487135280906633216_n (1)In short: Tivoli Gardens- magical at Christmas, full of Christmas lights and gifts to bring home, Nyhavn- beautiful area to walk through on your way back from Copenhagen Street Food, and Freetown Christiania- I can’t describe it, worth reading about before you go there, don’t take photos as there are signs saying not to, but do get the hot chocolate, plus some great handmade items on sale there in their market.

These are the places I liked most but overall it’s a great place to visit with lots of great shops. It is an expensive place (cost me 5-6€ for one glass of coke), I’m sure there are cheaper places to find such as eating at buffets, if you like buffets that is. We did eat at a couple but we really didn’t enjoy them, there wasn’t a lot of choice in food at some of the buffets in comparison to buffets here in Ireland but I guess they are a cheaper option.


32563459_10214468746986191_198677065329803264_nIn short: Wrap up well and walk around beautiful Copenhagen. Oh, and I know buying32564412_10214468753226347_8409151051915067392_n those things that warm you up when you click them at the market from the really convincing sales person seems like a good idea when you’re freezing in the middle of December in Denmark, it’s just not such a great idea when your suitcase gets pulled aside at the airport and the fact I haven’t used them once since returning to Ireland. Don’t be Nicola, she’s gullible, just bring a warm coat and three pairs of gloves.

Yours, Nicola.

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