This weekend I had a guest over from Italy. Chiara had lived with me last year in Cork as 23634130_10213088498040830_1889227803_opart of her year studying abroad. As she had visited many tourist attractions last year we wanted to fit in a few things she hadn’t already seen.

Our first stop was the wonderful Shandon Bells & Tower at St Anne’s Church. This is located near the Firkin Crane Theatre, where I attended acting classes, and so I was aware of it. However, I only very recently learned you could actually ring the bells there yourself, so this attraction was also a first for me. When we entered we paid (€5 for adults, €4 for students), we were given ear muffs for the top floor, and then we climbed to the first floor. Here you can choose a song from a book and then play that song on the bells, so I hope the whole city enjoyed my playing of “Hey Jude”.

23698547_10213088497360813_60897699_oWe then climbed the 132 steps to the top (120ft up) where23634444_10213088498120832_1934177496_o we saw a beautiful (and felt the wind) 360 degree view of Cork City. On the way up you can see the 18th Ce bells in the Belfry. During our visit there was actually a service on in St. Anne’s Church so we didn’t walk in to view the church. The Church, built in 1722, is free to visit, the entrance fee is for the bells and tower. We then strolled around outside where you can see Skiddy’s Almhouse.

If you are visiting Cork I would recommend going here as it’s a bit of fun, it’s very cheap, easy to walk to from the city centre and has great views.

Yours, Nicola.

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