I was recently at the afters of Sharon and Jason’s fabulous wedding ❤ I had a dress picked out to wear but then while browsing in River Island I came across this dress on sale two days before the wedding. What a steal!

nic(Must say great photography skills from my friend Sean)

I’m usually not a big fan of floral prints however I loved the silky feel to this dress. It’s a kimono style with the outside wrapping over the more fitted inside. The best part is that there’s lace detail on both the arms and body of the dress ❤ For my bag I borrowed my sister’s clutch from Penneys and I bought the glue on nails there. It was my first time wearing them, while I did like the nude colour and the overall look I found them completely impractical and will use up the rest of the pack by cutting them down to a more practical shape and length. Shoes are from Korky’s Cork which have lace on the wedge to match the dress.


The wedding was at Carrigaline Court Hotel in Cork which you can get a glimpse of in the pictures. I really liked the lighting which added to the already beautiful and romantic setting. Saving the best picture to last here’s the beautiful bride ❤20882994_10212455313811620_6885385777260981770_n.jpgAbsolutely loved the see through lace touch to the top of Sharon’s dress which also looked stunning on the back. Congrats again guys, and what a great night 🙂

Yours, Nicola

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